About me

My name is Michael McLaughlin and I am a thirty-something web designer. I have been dabbling in web design on and off since 1997. I have written many sites, most of which are no longer around and I have also written web-based applications for my previous place of employment and some small applications for my current employer. I started off on computers quite young and at the age of 8 was already programming in basic on a Tandy TRS-80. I eventually moved onto Commodore 64 and IBM computers. I am currently employed in a technical support call center as a Quality Assurance Specialist.

About this site:

The intention of this site is to function as a portolio as well as a code playground, where I can freely show off intersting tips and tricks with various web languages. I love to experiment with code and I love to learn new things as a go along. The site's interface will probably change from time to time as I find something new that I like.

Why Net-Artist?

I believe that a good combination of code and graphics can make any webpage a form of art. In my years on the internet, I have seen really good examples of this. I also have friends who are artist that have been looking for good web developers and hosting and I think I could not only provide that type of service to them, but in the future I could extend that type of service to potential clients.